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Olimpia’s View, An Artist’s Playground

  An Artist's Playground By Olimpia A. Carias The past Live Art Battle pieces were hung on the walls, showcasing them in a way where they so desperately wanted to be taken away somewhere new. They looked good and patted myself on the back as well as my colleagues who...

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Olimpia’s View, When There’s a Cause, There’s Change

When There's a Cause, There's Change By Olimpia A. Carias It’s exciting…maybe a little sad…to see the things you once knew change right before your eyes. Fortunately for the city of Nashua, the changes it has made over the past few years have been positive. It’s funny...

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Olimpia’s View, When Innovation Meets Appreciation

When Innovation Meets Appreciation By Olimpia A. Carias There are times as an artist when you have no clue what else to create. You want to keep going and to keep creating but what exactly? You’re not sure. The world is your audience and you don’t want to hear those...

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Olimpia’s View, Origins of Inspiration

“Dare to Inspire”: Origins of Inspiration By Olimpia A. Carias It’s the little things that make me appreciate life, most of which I find in nature. I think this started when I was about 13 and I saw the most beautiful thing in my life. I was sweating a little, even...

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Olimpia’s Vew week 2

A Heart of Gold at the End of the Rainbow By Olimpia A. Carias There will always be something personal attached to a piece of art whether it comes from the creator or the viewer. It may not be the same for everyone, but it’s there. I have always found myself to be a...

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