Nashua Honduras Outreach Team

PSA is proud to support leaders, Nashua HOT is an organization whose purpose is to create synergy between Leaders, volunteers and professionals in our community and the communities of Honduras and to promote the benefits of cultural exchange, outreach and partnership.

Arte Positivo 1519 & Los Microchip

NHOT: fostering synergy between leaders and building global communities! We believe that leadership starts at home, it doesn’t stay there. Each year we organize a leadership focused trip to re-energize and inspire local leaders, by giving them an opportunity to step outside their community to help others! This year we are travelling to San Francisco La Paz in Olancho, Honduras, a growing, energetic community in a developing nation. During this trip, our fifth in three years, we are continuing our community mural work with Arte Positivo, and supporting an emerging dance team, Los Microchip. Our leaders will face the deeper issues of global poverty while working to empower passionate young leaders to find their voice. Our team develops specific trip goals and priorities based on community need, personal strengths and personal connection.

Next trip: March 22-29, 2017

Trip members: Founder Tom Lopez, trip alumnia, Jyl Ditthimeier, dance legend, Daniel “Drok” Swain, Nashua PAL program manager Jaela Solis, Peacecorps alumna and AmeriCorps VISTA, Nicole Otis, and Positive Street Art artist and founder Manny “Phelany” Ramirez.

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Thank You for attending our Noche Mexicana fundraiser at Margaritas in Nashua!

We enjoyed thirst quenching drinks and delicious food with family, friends and Positive Street Art! 20% of your bill was awarded to the fundraiser.

San Francisco La Paz

In our efforts to inspire a passion for urban arts, we have partnered with Nashua Honduras Outreach Team to bring Positive Street Art to San Francisco La Paz in Honduras. Nashua HOT met local artists led by Luis Romero!


Positive Street Art
174 Main Street Suite 09
Nashua, NH 03060


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