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When Innovation Meets Appreciation

By Olimpia A. Carias

There are times as an artist when you have no clue what else to create. You want to keep going and to keep creating but what exactly? You’re not sure. The world is your audience and you don’t want to hear those exasperated sighs when there’s a carbon copy of your art somewhere else in the world. What’s the point of being an artist if you’re not original?

Being unique, being different will set you apart from everyone else. It’ll make you memorable and will make you last. Many artists wish to fulfill these aspirations and the ones who do are incredibly innovative with their work.

The difference between art hanging on a wall and art in the streets is ease of access. Almost everyone walks down that favorite jogging trail of yours or stops at the corner at one of the best restaurants in town. These places are potential for street artists since it increases their audience number. Not everyone has an annual membership to an art museum let alone has the time to even go to an art museum.

This is one of the many artistic services that Positive Street Art has done for the city of Nashua. There are variations to the murals they create since they are meant to reach out to all people; not just a specific crowd. PSA has commemorated the community with its Gratitude Mural, inspired young girls interested in STEM with its No Limit, Reach For the Stars Mural, and has shown appreciation for our veterans with their Hearts & Minds Mural.

In addition to the various murals dedicated to veterans, PSA has recently unveiled a new ‘mural’ of sorts. Rather than a full image it is a border for the purpose of having movies projected onto the screen for vets and anyone else at Dalianis House to enjoy. This is a point of innovation for PSA since most of their public art projects have been murals but this offers something a little different for the community. More than anything, it is a way to bring people together and what better way to do that than with a good movie on a warm summer’s night?

On July 11th and 18th there was an outdoor movie night and barbeque held for vets, as well as the public. It was great to see members of the community coming together for some grub and watching Top Gun, outlined by the stunning border piece created by PSA. An artistic service such as this breaches conventional art (sounds kind of like an oxymoron huh?) in an innovative way, ultimately bringing people together and will continue to be used over time.



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