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Our Story

During a conversation about Urban Art in mid 2011, our founders discovered a need within the Nashua Community for an urban arts organization. With fresh inspiration and motivation to bring about this new idea to the people of Nashua, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Meeting new people with similar ideas and goals, they began to form the group that later became Positive Street Art (PSA). With guidance from various community leaders and support from many organizations the group commenced executing its mission.

It Began With The First Mural

Created by the first artists Cecilia, Maggie and Manny. This Mural depicted a face of an organization that stood for positivity and artistic expression, comprised of dozens of words juxtapozed carefully to illustrate a beautiful face. PSA then connected with local After School Programs to teach youth Urban Art. After many more Murals PSA launched its Urban Dance workshops that are still popular today. PSA continues to inspire the youth and community at large with murals, dance, fun events and much more.

Mission Statement

To inspire passion for urban arts in a productive way and to build stronger communities through educational workshops, community events and artistic services.

Positive Street Art is a nonprofit organization working to transform the negative connotations that go along with urban art. We initiate, coordinate, promote and administer workshops, events, services and activities designed to meet the educational, social and creative needs of people in under-served communities including groups and youth authorities in order to create safe, clean, healthy, violence free, life enhancing communities using a positive approach to urban art. We encourage the passion for urban art through various avenues: painting, drawing, graphic design, photography, fashion, and much more…


Positive Street Art
174 Main Street Suite 09
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