Cecilia Ulibarri

From The Bottom Of My Art

Visual expressionist

There are people who let their dreams pass them by, never taking that first step into making them a reality. Then, there are those people who are optimistic and determined that take the first few necessary steps toward living their dream. Cecilia Ulibarri is one of those dream chasers. Her dream is to follow her deep passion for art. Her variety of  work is heartfelt and quite often thought provoking. The time and consideration involved can be seen in each creation. When viewing her artwork, one can’t help but to be inspired. Much like dreams reflect our lives, Cecilia’s creations are a reflection of her life; a compilation of beauty, simplicity and overcoming adversity.

“From the Bottom of My Art” is a glimpse into one woman’s life. An image of a dream coming true.
Written by Cynthia Reese


Positive Street Art
174 Main Street Suite 09
Nashua, NH 03060


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