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An Artist’s Playground

By Olimpia A. Carias

The past Live Art Battle pieces were hung on the walls, showcasing them in a way where they so desperately wanted to be taken away somewhere new. They looked good and patted myself on the back as well as my colleagues who helped me set up the Live Art Battle Shop. It was a bit of change to previous years where a silent auction was done for LAB pieces but it was a huge hit. The LAB shop was my home base for the 5th Annual Downtown Arts Festival, the sights and sounds of the event shining through the LAB shop windows.

We couldn’t have asked for a better summer day to hold the event, the sun beating on our backs as crowds slithered past the engaging main stage and various art vendors. The event was artistically stimulating, there was bound to be something for anyone to enjoy.

When taking a break from the LAB shop, I strolled through the event to take a look at everything. Over 20 vendors were present and it was amazing to see the diversity of art. I found intricate wood carvings, charming crystal necklaces, miniature acrylic paintings, groovy tie-dye shirts, funky custom pins and so much more.

As I strolled on, the stage was lively with dancers of all ages competing against each other while right across from that was the Live Art Battle, in which artists are given a 90 minute time frame to complete a piece of art which will then be judged by the crowd in exchange for the grand prizes. The diversity of the arts that were present at this festival was reflected in attendees and competitors as well. People of all ages and backgrounds were welcome to this extraordinary event that encompassed the passion of art and love of community.

A fun filled Kids Zone was also part of the event which included face painting, a coloring table, and a lots of chalk both for the pavement and General Patch’s Chalkboard Car (yes! A chalkboard car!). Adults and children alike joined in hula hoop dances and bets right next to the stage, music bopping from the melodies DJs were constructing during the DJ Battle.

There was so much to look at, so much to experience. Previous Downtown Arts Festivals by PSA were grand but this was a milestone. To have it placed right in the middle of Downtown Nashua was a new playground for PSA and the community, allowing townsfolk and businesses a chance to see what PSA is all about.

By bringing everyone together in this event and exposing them to different outlets of creativity, Positive Street Art was completing their mission like never before. We’ll continue to outdo ourselves and plan for the next Downtown Arts Festival to come. Stay tuned…




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