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When There’s a Cause, There’s Change

By Olimpia A. Carias

It’s exciting…maybe a little sad…to see the things you once knew change right before your eyes. Fortunately for the city of Nashua, the changes it has made over the past few years have been positive. It’s funny to see places in town become a mirror image to your own metamorphosis. But has it really changed? Isn’t it just bettering itself?

One of the main changes I saw were the murals. It peaked my curiosity since I thought well, when did this happen? Who and why? The free art wall was the one I noticed first, an everchanging canvas right around the corner from where I used to live. I’d go on my walks downtown or to Lucky Dog and would make sure to see if anything new has been done to that wall. Always changing and yet always something interesting; it has never disappointed.

It’s a free space for showing off your best art skills without getting in trouble. It’s PSA’s way of saying, “We’ve got our stuff up, now show us what you can do!”. It’s a great opportunity for young artists as well who are told since they were 4-foot-nothing to not draw on the walls.

Something else that is exciting for Nashua is the Tree Streets Block Party, an event that occurred last year and earlier this summer. It’s a chance for us growing up in the Tree Streets to get out and have fun, to be free and enjoy our neighborhood without worries. Although I wasn’t able to attend, I have heard many a good thing about the event. Summer heat twisting with the people, dancing to tunes by local musicians and appreciating each other. There were over 20 organizations in attendance which all had something valuable to offer to the community. One of these organizations was, of course, Positive Street Art who engaged with patrons in a live art battle.

The chance for people, particularly young people, to see what the city has to offer from public works to art is inspiring. It allows them to look at Nashua in a different light and to find something new to do around town, something positive. PSA’s involvement with the Tree Streets Block party is just one of the many ways they inspire the community to engage with one another and to show the positivity that can come from urban arts.



Positive Street Art
174 Main Street Suite 09
Nashua, NH 03060


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