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Our Story

Cecilia Ulibarri and Manny Ramirez founded Positive Street Art in 2012 with a vision of bringing an urban arts organization to the City of Nashua. They felt inspired by the annual and world-renowned art installations at Wynwood Walls. As a result, the pair embarked on a journey to infuse their community with their own energy and inspiration. They wanted to share and spread the beauty of urban arts in all its incredible forms.

Cecilia and Manny sought guidance from various community leaders and found opportunities to support their vision. They began to meet people within the community with similar ideas, passions, and goals. Thus forming, Positive Street Art – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire a passion for urban arts in a productive way and to build stronger communities through educational workshops, community events, and artistic services.


The Face of PSA: our first mural

This mural stands for positivity and artistic expression and depicts the face of the organization. It is comprised of dozens of words carefully juxtaposed to illustrate what Positive Street Art was to bring to the community.