Manuel Ramirez

Phelany Fell in Love With The Work

Born in Dominican Republic raised in Bronx NY is a visual artist. He picked up a pencil at a young age after being amazed by seeing what his father was sketching. Later he starts picking up other mediums such as pens, paints, charcoal ,spray paint, airbrush, and furthers his art by studying Graphic Design at the Art Institute in NYC. 2010 he opens up his own graphic design studio. In 2011 Manny links up with another artist and they come up with the idea to start a non profit to bring awareness to the urban arts. Positive Street Art is born and quickly embraced by the community, they start collaborating with other organizations such as Boys and Girls Club, Police Athletic league and The City Of Nashua. The organization goes on to become its own entity and continues empowering young creative people to follow their passion. Inspired by the Graffiti, Street Art and skater sub-cultures in the late 90s to current date, Manuel creates art in various styles drawing inspiration from many masters and from everyday life. Manuel continues creating art, being a positive leader in his community and working on the development of the brand Sh├ęk.


Positive Street Art
174 Main Street Suite 09
Nashua, NH 03060


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