Nostalgia Mural

A beautiful new attraction to an old nashua staple. This Nostalgic Mural is a homage to Nashua's Chase Building in commemoration of its 100th year anniversary.

Nostalgia Mural

The Chase Building Is Turning 100 Years

What better way to commemorate its existence than painting a giant mural on one of its walls. Richard Lannan (owner of the Lannan Company) contacted us to paint a mural on the newly exposed wall that now faces Main Street with a great visibility to drivers or people walking by. We we’re delighted to assist with this request since we have our office in the same building. We immediately recognized the subject would have to shed some light on the buildings history of being home to three major downtown theaters. The Tremont, State and Star Theaters we’re staples to the downtown scene and they all resided in the Chase building.

It all started with the Blob

We started brainstorming Ideas and there we’re many going around. The building Manager Roger Boilard ask for one small request. This was to add a small but very significant element to the mural and that was the Carbon Arc Projector that was used in their theater to play the movies. “You know, the same projector we used here is the one showed in the movie The Blob. It is in a scene where the blob invades the movie theater and absorbs the projector along with everyone at the theater” Roger said. Our Artist Manuel Ramirez looked up the reference and the idea stuck! more the general Idea of depicting clips from movie scenes from famous vintage films including this specific scene from The Blob. ¬†Artist Manuel Ramirez, Richard Lannan, Harry Dumont (Lannan Company’s Vice President) and Roger Boilard collaborated in picking out the other films that would be on the mural. The final clips chosen were from the films The Blob, The Three Stooges, Gone with the wind, and It’s a wonderful life.


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