Rue De Renaissance Mural

Nashua’s Heritage

Purpose: To beautify a downtown park with riverfront visibility, while maintaining the look and integrity of the park design, and it’s dedication to themes of nashua’s heritage of French Immigration. To support to a cultural organization which is dedicated to helping children in need.

Le Parc de Notre Renaissance Françaiseto is located on the Nashua river between clocktower and Darrel’s music hall. It is the site of the upcoming French Cultural Festival, organized by the Richelieu club, hosted by Nashua’s Cultural Connections Committee and sponsored by Great American Downtown. This city park features the wall featured above which has been over the years the target of scattered vandalism. This space can be transformed with a mural that is easier to protect and care for, while enhancing the appeal of the space.

Faux Downtown

To compliment the historical mural also in the park, this mural will feature a faux downtown, made up of French businesses from around Nashua, past and present. Primed in the colors of the French Flag, Nashua’s talented Graffiti artists will add detail to each section to render a storefront scene on each.Sponsor a “storefront”, with a donation of  $200 for a fourteen foot section, donations to Positive Street Art will benefit local artists, the Richelieu Club, and are tax deductible.


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