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You’ve reached our Support Us page, You must be wondering how to to help out, right? Let us help you, help us.
Here are the many ways you can help us:

Donate using our Secure Donation link provided by United Way

Donate Supplies

We can always use supplies for our workshops or murals such as Paints, Brushes, Spray Paint, Easels Etc…

Click on the Button below to see a list of supplies we are always in the need for.

Time is priceless

We always appreciate extra hands on deck during events or murals. If you have free time and would like to volunteer with an exciting art group of cool people send us a message with your info and availability. We will contact you with a list of upcoming events or an specific mural you could help with. Click on the image below and fill out a contact form.

Click on the button below to fillĀ out a contact form.


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