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The Team

Cecilia Ulibarri, President, Co-Founder

Cecilia is a mother, a community leader, and a resident of Nashua for over 25 years, she has seen the city change and prosper. As President and co-founder of Positive Street Art, her vision for Nashua is a community that is supportive of art.

Manuel Ramirez, Artist-in-Residence, Co-Founder

Manny is an artist for all settings. Whether it’s the dance floor, a brush or can, camera or computer, Manny has a talent for design and expression. His passion for urban expression powers his creativity and craftsmanship.

Samantha Cassista, Vice President

Samantha is our empathetic leader, she carefully analyzes best practices and makes sure we follow guidelines and stay on course with our mission.

Alison Isaksen, Treasurer

She is the passion behind the Downtown Art Movement. Bridging metropolitan art opportunities with Nashua’s downtown business community, Alison works to foster a greater appreciation for artistic expression.

Chris Boncoddo, Administrative Coordinator

“Photographer, Videographer, Musician & Artist”
Chris has a passion for creative arts, utilizing his skills to capture the creative process and events PSA coordinates in our downtown community.

Ric Everhard, Studio and Logistics Manager

Ric is a power house! a builder! a do-er. He has helped us set up and take down countless events, often building props from scratch for event set design.