It is our mission to INSPIRE passion for urban arts in a productive way, and to build stronger communities through educational workshops, community events, and artistic services.

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Educational Workshops

Dance Workshops at PAL, Art Workshops at BGCGN and Hip Hop workshops for adults in our studio. Great fun and entertaining ways we educate and inspire our community. Come visit us to see what all the fun’s about!

Artistic Services

Walk or drive around the Nashua Downtown Area to see some of our Artmazing murals. Visit our Gallery to see a list of all our murals or fill the contact form below to find you how you can have your own mural painted by PSA artists.

Community Events

Our signature events such as Downtown Arts Fest, Views From A Cell community photography contests, Live Art Battle Series, and our amazing gallery showings give a sense of our diverse capabilities that truly bring fun to our community.


Cecilia and Manny came to the understanding that Nashua definitely needed an urban art scene and awareness for the arts in general. They set out to do just that, create an urban art scene in Nashua’s community by first starting with networking groups within the City and contacting art groups and organizations. They formed a group of like minded individuals and similar interests in the arts that they soon after called Positive Street Art.




Artist In Residence


Help Art make a difference in your community, organizations such as PSA rely on the public support and encouragement. We could use all the help we can get. Whether its art supplies, or monetary donations we totally appreciate the support.